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Traditional Hatha Yoga & Meditation

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9:30 amJanakiOptional Meditation
** 11:45 amSusan BTai Chi/Qigong (1-hour)
5:30 pmDiane 
9:30 amJanine 
11:15 amHildeBeginner's Yoga 50+
9:30 amJamieBeginner's Yoga 50+
6:00 pmHilde 
7:45 pmSusan Hyde-Wick 
Thursday10/23-12/18 (no class on Thanksgiving)
* 9:30 amHilde 
* 4:00 pmDiane 
9:30 amJamie 
1:30 pmLauraChair Yoga*
10:00 amSara & Julie 
5:00 pmJamieGentle Yoga

* Classes not meeting on Thanksgiving

** New Tai Chi/Qigong class begins November 2

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A Letter from Our Director
Ayurveda: Thoughts on Healing & Wellness
About the Woodbury Yoga Center

New To WYC? Three tips to get you started…

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"Be fearless and pure; never waver in your determination or your dedication to the spiritual life. Give of yourself freely. Be self-controlled, sincere, scriptures; learn to be detached from material things and to take joy in renunciation. Do not get angry or harm and living creature, but be compassionate and gentle; show goodwill to all. Put others first and yourself last. All these Arjuna will reveal your true nature, which is divine."
Bhagavad Gita xv11-3


A Letter from our Director

Dear yoga family and friends,

Breathing in deeply the fullness and joy in our hearts, we breath out and let go of thoughts of limitation and distress. Let our meditations and commitment to compassion deepen and stabilize our center, even as events and people around us may be changing and adjusting. Let us keep our hearts open and our dedication to yoga - unity consciousness - steadfast in bringing inner peace to ourselves, families, community and world.

Let us truly enjoy the holiday season by staying calm, breathing slowly and maintaining our yoga and meditation practice. Being in the present moment, we are full of appreciation for our family, friends and other infinite blessings. There is great joy in putting others first, setting aside our own perceived requirements. Let us celebrate in this way, carrying the joy and well being of others as a priority into the New Year.

We welcome two new instructors who are sharing the Saturday class, now beginning at 10 am. Sara and Julie have recently completed yoga teacher training with Kripalu. Come meet Julie at the evening program on Dec. 22, when she offers " An Evening of Miracles and Magic: Celebrating the Season with Relaxation." Coping with Stress and Anxiety? Join us for therapist Jesse Mancinone's talk on Jan. 19: "Anxiety Reduction with Meditation and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy."

Come on Saturday, January 11 at 4pm for a return event of The Conduit's Gong and Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation concert. The performance in November was sold out, so be sure to get your reservations early.

We have tremendous gratitude for all of you in our yoga community. Your participation, enthusiasm and appreciation for the science of yoga is the source of our presence. Thank you for your kind support during our annual fundraising campaign. It is providing much needed sustenance in our efforts to make yoga accessible to everyone.

We welcome Sri Dhyanyogiji to our meditation hall and yoga practice space. The murti (statue) arrived in the fall of 2011, and is already transforming and uplifting the energy here. It is traditional in India that murtis of Saints are instilled with prana (vital life force) and in this way brought to life. As this murti is, to many, the very being and essence of Sri Dhyanyogiji, we hope that you experience and honor the quality of energy emanating in Muktidham. Information about Sri Dhyanyogiji's life and teaching is available in brochures near the murti.  His biography, This House is on Fire, is in the bookstore.

We look forward to seeing you soon in class, at a free program, or volunteering in our yoga community.

May all blessings be yours this holiday season, into the new year, and always.

With love and gratitude in our hearts,



Volunteer Opportunities

- a few small outdoor lighting/grounds and maintenance projects

- a small activity that might add 10 minutes to your regular visit to WYC

- special projects housekeeping such as removing candle wax from the carpet, or cobweb management

"Devote yourself to meditation and japa, and your heart will overflow with love for humankind.

“Of all the forms of meditation, meditation through attention on the breath is probably the easiest and most direct way to self-realization. By performing breathing exercises called pranayama in conjunction with meditation, the aspirant can coordinate and integrate various functions and energies of the nervous system. Once this is accomplished, the aspirant easily controls the life-supporting vital air or prana. This in turn, leads to control over the mind. When the aspirant gains control over the mind, s/he enjoys unique joy and peace. Then s/he realizes that the entire universe is the creation of one God. If this happens on a large scale, the miseries of the world will come to an end, and there will be peace and happiness all over the world.”

—Sri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji


The Woodbury Yoga Center (WYC) was established in 1984.  Incorporated as a non-profit education center, WYC supports the religious diversity of the community and welcomes people of all backgrounds.

Janaki Pierson, co-founder and director of WYC, has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for more than 30 years.  WYC offers day and evening classes in hatha yoga and meditation.  Free informational programs are offered every Sunday evening.

WYC's philosophy is based on the experience that the answers to all questions of living lie within us and are accessible through the practices of yoga and daily meditation. Our purpose is to share this understanding and the benefits of these practices with our neighbors throughout the region.

New To WYC? Three tips to get you started…

  • If you aren’t sure which instructor suits your style, try the “Yoga Sampler,”
    which entitles you to any 8 classes running during a the 8 week
    schedule—all 8 classes in one week, if you like!  For people who
    frequently take “drop-ins”, the Yoga Sampler is the way to go, and may
    save you money.
  • If there is a class you particularly enjoy, it is best to sign up for that one to
    make sure it is running.
    • If the first class you take isn’t what you are looking for, feel free to
    experiment with different teachers—each teacher has his/her own style.

If you have questions speak with your instructor or with Diane or Pam in the office.

The Practice of Hatha Yoga Postures
  • Stretches and limbers your entire body
  • Reduces pain (headaches, backaches, etc.)
  • Increases circulation
  • Massages internal organs and spinal nerves
  • Increases body awareness and relaxation
  • Enhances your ability to remain relaxed throughout the day

The Regular, Daily Practice of Meditation
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Normalizes blood pressure
  • Prevents, reduces, or eliminates insomnia
  • Prevents, reduces, or eliminates addictive behavior
  • Sharpens decision-making abilities
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Provides meaning and purpose in life
  • Improves personal satisfaction and contentment

Janaki’s Ayurvedic Experience
Personal Thoughts on Healing & Wellness

I have ordered many copies of Dr. Joshi's book: Ayurveda and Pancha Karma about the ancient science of healing and rejuvenation for the WYC bookstore. It is the best explanation I have ever seen on the topic, clear and interesting, with examples from his clinical practice of success with patients where western medicine has failed. I highly recommend it. Dr. Joshi, who treated me in India, will be offering Pancha Karma in New Mexico in the fall. I definitely had the strong sense that these procedures (which recommends daily yoga postures and meditation as adjunct practices) heal not only the physical body, but are also cleansing the subtle body and bringing the entire body/mind/soul system closer to God.

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