Yoga Class Descriptions


Choosing your Class

Are you new to yoga and unsure of where to start and what to expect? Our trained yoga instructors and staff can guide you towards an informed decision of how yoga can best fit into your schedule, meet your individual needs, and improve your quality of life. The Woodbury Meditation & Yoga Center offers different levels and styles of Yoga.

Choosing the right yoga class depends on your individual needs.  Whether you are a couch potato or a professional athlete, size and fitness levels don't matter because there are modifications for every yoga pose and beginner classes in every style. Here you will find a description of the different types of yoga classes that we offer. If you have never taken yoga at our center before - we offer your first class for free!

Hatha Yoga

At the Woodbury Meditation & Yoga Center, we teach traditional Hatha yoga— a branch of yoga that originated over one thousand years ago. This type of practice  calls on the body, breath and mind to work as one. In this class you will be lead through a balanced practice of yoga postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and mindfulness techniques (samyama) to improve your body physically and also create a sense of inner peace. 

Hatha classes are suitable for all levels, and are carefully instructed to give you options that best support your needs.  We also offer different variations and levels of Hatha yoga (listed below).

Beginner's Yoga

Rejuvenate your body and mind! Counteract the stresses placed on your body by daily activities. This class will gently tone, stretch and strengthen your entire body while releasing tension and restoring a sense of peace and tranquility to your being. If you're a beginner or a more advanced student looking to get back to basics, give this class a try.  All levels are welcome!

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Yoga seeks to synchronize moment and breath in a set series of asanas (poses). Vinyasa classes typically allow asanas to flow from one to the next, as if creating a dance of movement.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga focuses on a series of basic yoga asanas, mostly the warm-ups and cool downs you would find in a all levels class. The class emphasizes stretching, coordination of breath with movement and attention to alignment. It is a wonderful class for gentle strengthening, increasing flexibility, releasing tension and enhancing overall balance. Gentle yoga is appropriate for all levels. 

Chair Yoga

This one hour  class is a gentle form of yoga. For those who cannot or don't feel comforatble on the floor. Slow and gentle stretches either sitting on or using the chair for balance will help you maintain your range of motion, focus on breathing and ease tension. Everything in your body is revitalized, strengthened and invigorated. A special focus is given to neck, shoulders, and lower back.

Children's Yoga

This one hour class offers a fun way for any children to develop strength, flexibility, coordination and the ability to relax. Our children's yoga instructor is also an elementary school teach with a master's degree in counseling. Laura is known for the wonderful way she connects with her students, creating a fun atmosphere while experiencing the benefits of yoga.

Beginners' Yoga for Everyone: Recovery Yoga

"We're All Recovering from Something"

A gentle, mindful 90-minute yoga class suitable for beginners and those new to yoga. This practice promotes mindfulness and healing, drawing on the teachings of Mindful Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Recovery, and Hatha Yoga.