Volunteering at Woodbury Meditation & Yoga Center

The Woodbury Meditation &  Yoga Center is a non-profit organization. We welcome  help in the following areas:

  • social media updates
  • layout & design
  • photography
  • website updates
  • grounds maintenance
  • yoga space housekeeping
  • grant writing
  • Getting the word out to veterans and cancer patients and survivors that we provide discounts and scholarships here for classes

CURRENT VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES FOR SPRING 2017 (please contact us if you can help!):

  • We are redesigning the upstairs space, and could use help with rearranging furniture and shelves
  • We need volunteer help for our booth at Woodbury's Earth Day Celebration Saturday April 22, 2017 -  please contact us or use the sign-up sheet at the studio

Call or email  at 203-263-2254, wyogac@gmail.com