Nancy Nalini Bennington was one of the first yoga teachers at WMYC in the 1980's. A kind and gentle person,  radiating light and love, she is dearly remembered by all of us.  Your kind donation honoring her memory supports our scholarship program for veterans, active duty military, first responders, cancer patients and their care givers, and others who need financial assitance to access yoga programs. 









Dear Friend of Woodbury Meditation & Yoga Center,

Your presence is a blessing to us.

Your donation is peace in action. Your gift keeps open the doors to our community of meditation,
yoga, and Tai Chi/Qigung classes, and free Sunday programs. You sponsor the existence of a spiritual
environment welcoming to all, with scholarships for those in need

We offer more yoga at less cost – with bare minimum overhead – supporting people with our
classes in their healing. Your donation touches someone's life.


To provide quality instruction in traditional yoga and meditation with warmth and love, by experienced,
dedicated, and sincere teachers. To offer meaningful guidance leading to more calm,
healthy, joyful and loving lifestyles through the science and practice of yoga.

Serving Our Communities

Since our federal recognition as a non-profit teaching center more than 33 years ago, your support
has provided the means to teach more than 23,900 individuals the ancient, sacred methods for
relaxation, healing, stress management, and spiritual evolution, changing people’s lives.


Medical research demonstrates that meditation reduces anxiety, normalizes blood pressure, increases
self-esteem, enhances the prevention and healing of many illnesses, and provides focus
and purpose in life. Yoga postures increase circulation, massage internal organs, augment functioning
of the spinal nerves, and strengthen and tone muscles. Correct breathing instills calmness
and balance in body, mind and life. Meditation accesses inner peace. Inner Peace is World Peace.

Celebrating You and Us with Gratitude

We do beautiful work together. On behalf of all folks served by us, of all ages, we celebrate and
thank you. Your participation in yoga and your donation today create greater peace, harmony and
healing in your life, the lives of others, and in the world. Your financial support energizes and
uplifts our volunteers, staff and community, and enables our scholarships for veterans, cancer
survivors, and others in need.

Your donation and your presence are greatly appreciated.

With great respect and love,

Janaki Pierson
Director, Woodbury Meditation & Yoga Center

WMYC is a tax-exempt not-for-profit educational institution under Federal Statute 501(c)(3).

Your donation is fully tax deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the Federal Statutes.


Notes from our Woodbury Meditation and Yoga Center community in the past 5 years:

“I know of no other place locally where yoga is taught as a spiritual practice. In other yoga studios or gyms it is “just
exercise.” At WYC, my yoga practice flows more smoothly, my meditations are deeper and my smile is brighter – it is hard
not to smile in such a beautiful setting. It's also comforting to know I am part of a local community of people spreading
peace, love, and joy throughout the world. “  - J O, Oxford, 2012

Dear Janaki,
When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, it was a challenging time for me both physically and emotionally, and remained
so for years afterwards. It was a difficult journey and you and other Woodbury Yoga Center staff were there for me every
step of the way.
I was also dealing with many health-related expenses and had been laid off from my job. Your generous offer for me to
participate in classes with a scholarship was truly a lifesaver. There is no doubt that my healing process progressed because
you encouraged me to participate in free meditation and yoga classes.
Gratefully, I have been cancer free for (more than) 8 years and my financial situation is stable; I would like to "pay it
forward" and contribute $150 to a Woodbury Yoga Center scholarship so you can continue to provide healing programs to
other cancer patients.
Thank you for the ongoing contribution you and the yoga center are making to the health and wellbeing of people dealing
with cancer. The education and care you provide is very important to the healing process.
With warm regards and deep appreciation,
Kathy O. 2015

“I am writing to let you know that taking yoga at your center has changed my life!
I started yoga 15 years ago at WYC by recommendation of my chiropractor for my bad back. From the first class, no
exaggeration, I realized I was "home" and even was moved to tears in your class.
Each time I returned to WYC I felt so at home and at peace. I always left feeling like I returned to my "true self.” My
husband would tell me when I was going through a sad/tough time: go to Woodbury Yoga, since he knew how nurturing it
was to me. Besides retreats, I have never gone to any other studios because I know that your space is so special, nestled
within nature and it has a wonderful spiritual energy feeling, like I am practicing among the trees outside the window and
feeling a strong sense of spirit with me.”  - A. Wissell, Southbury Spring 2017

“Both in the hospital and at home, the nurses that have helped with therapy have all been amazed at how mobile I am so
soon after surgery – and I don't hesitate to ascribe that to the yoga training that you've given me. I really appreciate that, and
I wanted you to realize how grateful I am. “  - Mary Jane Strong, Woodbury, less than a week after knee surgery, August 2017

"I had been searching for a place where I would be able to do Yoga, and I wanted an environment that would inspire my
mind, my body, and my soul. Living with a chronic illness I knew I needed a place where I could be myself, feel
comfortable, and help to maintain that delicate balance. The minute I met Janaki and visited the Woodbury Yoga and
Meditation Center, I knew I was home."  - Kathy, Southbury Fall 2017

"The value and benefits of yoga and meditation are vast and real. I’ve been doing yoga with WMYC for 30 years, and I took
your meditation course many years ago and use it to this day. Initially I started both to improve my golf game! I can tell
you it works, yoga and meditation are great for one’s golf game! And of course both help me physically and spiritually, in
countless ways, every single day, on and off the golf course."  - Mark B., Woodbury Fall 2017