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Yoga for Neck, Back & Shoulder Pain

A short sample yoga class with Nina Levenduski, followed by a group meditation.  The class is followed by instructions in meditation and a group meditation.

“Due to the stresses and sedentary nature of modern life, most of us carry some tension in our back, neck and shoulders. The keys to better posture, body awareness, flexibility and stress management are found in the ancient practice of yoga,” explains Levenduski. Participants attending this program are guided through a series of gentle yoga postures and movements to help stretch and release tension in the lower back, neck and shoulders. No prior yoga experience necessary!

The stillness, spirituality and deepening of the mind-body-spirit connection Ms. Levenduski has found in yoga and meditation inspired her to become an instructor.  Ms. Levenduski is a certified instructor through the Yoga Alliance, and currently teaches gentle Hatha and Hatha yoga at the Woodbury Meditation & Yoga Center (WMYC).

This complimentary program is open to everyone, and includes instruction and practice of meditation.  WMYC is located at 122 West Side Road in Woodbury, CT.  Everyone is invited to come earlier at 5:00 pm for a complimentary sample yoga class. 

WMYC is a not-for-profit educational institution offering meditation, yoga, tai chi/qigong and a variety of programs weekly, as well as complimentary Sunday evening events including meditation instruction.  WMYC welcomes individuals to try a class for free and see first-hand how yoga changes lives. The Center welcomes cancer patients/survivors, caregivers, veterans and others in need of assistance, and offers free or reduced-cost classes. For more information, contact WMYC at (203)263-2254,, Facebook, or visit online at