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Inner Peace for Radiant Health: Meditation's Benefits

A free public talk & meditation program with WMYC Director Janaki Pierson.  The talk is followed by instructions in meditation and a group meditation.

Recognizing that the full potential of each person is to be joyful, calm, and healthy; the science of yoga provides practical tools to allow the practitioner to experience this. In her talk on meditation and radiant health, Janaki discusses the most efficient and effective of these tools:  Meditation.

“Mental and Physical stress are significant contributors to any illness,” Janaki says, “By maintaining a calm, peaceful internal state, we support the body in maintaining a robust immune system and increase its ability to manage and recover from long term illness or injury more effectively.”

The Woodbury Meditation & Yoga Center (WMYC) is located at 122 West Side Road in Woodbury, CT.

WMYC is a not-for-profit educational institution offering meditation, yoga, tai chi/qigong and a variety of programs weekly, as well as complimentary Sunday evening events including meditation instruction.  WMYC welcomes individuals to try a class for free and see first-hand how yoga changes lives. The Center welcomes cancer patients/survivors, caregivers, veterans and others in need of assistance, and offers free or reduced-cost classes. For more information, contact WMYC at (203)263-2254,, Facebook, or visit online at