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Mindful Responder: A Veteran Serves in Yoga & Wellness

Sean Weir served in both the United Kingdom and United States career Fire Services.  He was a career fire-fighter in the Royal Air Force and Greater Manchester Fire Services in the United Kingdom.  He is certified in both Florida and Connecticut as a fire fighter and in CT as a Fire Officer/Instructor and EMT. 

First experiencing Yoga and Mindfulness through the Uniformed Services Program, Sean Weir became particularly interested in mind-body practices that combined the benefit of Eastern wisdom with Western evidence-based research. After retiring from the West Haven Fire Department, Sean has transitioned to serve his fellow Responder community, providing yoga and mindfulness workshops.

As a yoga instructor, Sean Weir draws on the teachings of Mindful Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Recovery (Y-12 SR), and 108 Monkeys Yoga for urban youth and underserved communities teacher trainings, and is particularly grateful for each opportunity to share these practices with the community. Learn more about Sean at this website

Sean Weir teaches weekly Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga classes, as well as Beginners Yoga for Everyone (We’re All Recovering from Something) on select Saturdays, at the Woodbury Meditation & Yoga Center (WMYC).  Visit the Yoga Center’s website for schedules and more information.

This complimentary program is open to everyone, and includes instruction and practice of meditation.  Everyone is invited to come earlier, at 5:00 pm for a complimentary sample yoga class. WMYC is located at 122 West Side Road in Woodbury, CT.