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The Joyful Art of Mandala Creation

A free public talk and meditation program with Barbara DeBisschop.  The talk is followed by instructions in meditation and a group meditation.

The ancient art of mandala creation has been used throughout the ages as a meditative spiritual practice. Learn about mandalas, and why this art form is used to give us a break from modern fast-paced living and as a tool for mindfulness, stress reduction, and getting in touch with our innate creativity.

Barbara DeBisschop balances a demanding professional life with her true calling as a spiritual seeker, Life Coach and empath. She leads workshops and retreats based on prayer, meditation and art creation, and has practiced Mandala creation herself for over 5 years as a path to mindfulness and stress relief.

This Sunday evening presentation is a glimpse into what Barbara DeBisschop offers in her upcoming workshop “Joyful Mandala Creation” at Woodbury Meditation & Yoga Center (WMYC) at 2:00 pm Saturday January 20th. 

This complimentary program is open to everyone, and includes instruction and practice of meditation.  Everyone is invited to come earlier, at 5:00 pm for a complimentary sample yoga class. WMYC is located at 122 West Side Road in Woodbury, CT. 

WMYC is a not-for-profit educational institution offering meditation, yoga, tai chi/qigong and a variety of programs weekly, as well as complimentary Sunday evening events including meditation instruction.  WMYC welcomes individuals to try a class for free and see first-hand how yoga changes lives. The Center welcomes cancer patients/survivors, caregivers, veterans and others in need of assistance, and offers free or reduced-cost classes. For more information, contact WMYC at (203)263-2254,, Facebook, or visit online at