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Divine Inspiration: Making Art in Sacred Spaces

Complimentary evening talk with WYC Artist-in-Residence Sara Abalan. 

Ms. Abalan studied at Paier College of Art and The New York Studio School. Early in her profession, she worked on the original Cook's Magazine as art director and cover illustrator.  She has also been a prop stylist for many years for numerous cookbooks and a variety of food-related photographic projects.

In studios in New York City for 23 years, Sara intuitively chronicled daily events, encounters and fleeting moments in the dense urban environment.  Light, color, gesture and spacial relationships are many of the formal characteristics of Abalan's abstract paintings, drawings and collages.

In early spring 2017, Sara moved her studio to the serene, wooded setting of the Woodbury Meditation & Yoga Center (WMYC).  Now, in the silence and light, surrounded by nothing other than woods and fields, her art is an exploration of the natural world with its seasonal changes.

This complimentary program is open to everyone, and includes instruction and practice of meditation.