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Simple Beginner Class: Blend Postures & Yoga Philosophy

Complimentary talk by Tim Groen, Yoga Instructor

You will get the hang of foundational poses and sequencing to inspire confidence before joining any class you wish here at the center!

  • Yoga is a practice for all ages, shapes, and sizes.

  • Yoga doesn’t discriminate.

  • The practice can benefit everyone – even if it’s just breathing, quieting the mind, and reducing stress.

  • Yoga is not about bending the body into a pretzel shape. Like any physical activity, a consistent yoga practice will yield weight loss, toning, strengthening, and flexibility. But the real work is how we practice yoga off our mats, this is where it truly matters.

  •  The postures and their names will sound like alien talk at first. This is normal. Everyone is lost the first couple of classes AND that’s part of the fun – the unknown.

Typically, yoga postures and the physical movements are our first taste of the practice…

And for a good reason.

They teach us to steady the mind, tap into the power of our breath, honor our bodies, and most importantly to practice self-love and gratitude.

Tim Groen, a yoga practitioner for almost twenty years, loves teaching Hatha and Raja Yoga (Raja Yoga is the study of the millennia-old Yoga Sutras of Patanjali). 

Classically trained in Rishikesh, India, and at the Integral Yoga Institute in New York City,  he combines postures, breathing techniques or other yoga elements (like the occasional Yoga Sutra!) in his classes.  He is registered with the Yoga Alliance  and the Integral Yoga Teachers Association. 

Everyone is invited to come earlier, at 5pm, and drop in on a sample gentle yoga class with Jamie.