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Maintaining Life Forces for Radiant Health

In this talk, Laura Ghedina, Holistic Health Coach, not only shares her five secrets to radiant health, but also gives deeper insights into where our life forces come from, and what really keeps us “alive”.

“Health and Vitality are more than just drinking your green juice every day, and avoiding processed foods. It’s a great start, but when your sleep is not rejuvenating, and your relationships not fulfilling, you want to understand how your life choices impact your life forces, and thus impact your health” says Laura Ghedina. Participants will leave empowered and with a deeper understanding of which daily choices will lead to greater health. Laura’s five secrets to maintaining life forces for radiant health

Laura Ghedina is a certified Health Coach for Integrative Nutrition, and Family Systemic Constellation Practitioner, with a background in Waldorf education. In her Soul Body Health Coaching practice she helps women overcome weight gain, emotional eating, and food addiction so that they can love their bodies again, and live more confident and fulfilling lives. For more information visit

This complimentary program is open to everyone, and includes instructions and practice of meditation following the talk. The Woodbury Yoga Center is located at 122 West Side Road in Woodbury, CT.  Everyone is invited to come earlier, at 5pm, and drop in on a sample gentle yoga class with Jamie.

Instructor: L. Ghedina