Woodbury Yoga Center Late Spring Series:
8 Yoga and Tai Chi Series beginning April 20th

Early Registration Discount in Effect through April 10th

Late Spring Series Registration: 
Please fill out the information below

Register now using your Credit Card, Debit Card, or Bank Account via PayPal Checkout. You do not need to have a PayPal account to complete the transactio

Other ways to register:

If you would like to register with a check or cash, please print out the registration form here and either drop it by the center (with check or cash) or mail (with check only) to:

Woodbury Yoga Center
122 West Side Rd,
Woodbury, CT 06798


To register for all classes and workshops:

  • Print out and complete the Registration Form (one form per class).
  • Mail the Registration Form and your check for the entire amount as soon as possible.
  • If you are registering after the series has begun, you can either "catch up" by fitting  in make up classes during the series, or your registration fee can be prorated based upon the time left in the series.

    Call 203-263-2254 or email wyogac@gmail.com for more information or for any assistance in registering. 

    Checks must be  • received •  by the early registration deadline to qualify for the early registration discount.
  • Yoga Series Registrants Any classes that you miss can be made up in any other class during the current series. Make-up classes can only be carried over into the next series if one registers for that next series. 
  • We do not offer refunds for classes or workshops missed. 
  • Unless specified, Hatha Yoga classes are 90 minutes, suitable for beginners, run for 8 weeks and held at Woodbury Yoga Center. Please see our Early Spring Schedule for more details on available classes.

    Extra Class or Open Pass Upgrade: 

    Add more classes to your Early Spring Series! 

    +1 Early Spring Series yoga class per week:  $55 upgrade
    Open Pass - Unlimited Early Spring Series yoga classes:  $85 upgrade


    Yoga and Meditation for Everyone

    The Woodbury Yoga Center is a non-profit organization. Our goal is offer authentic yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation and to make it affordable for everyone. We offer many discounts and fee waivers that makes this possible. Just call our office and we will work with you so that you can begin your classes right away.

  • Early Registration Discount:

  • The early registration period for the Early Spring Series ended on February 12, but we always offer this option in advance of each series. You can be the first to enjoy the discount during our next series! Call 203-263-2254 or email wyogac@gmail.com for more information. 

  • For those of us who are financially challenged:

  • Our "Can't afford it discount" allows us to offer our programs to those who might otherwise not be able to afford the cost.  

  • Cancer Patients, Cancer Survivors and Veterans:

  • We also offer free yoga to cancer patients who are currently undergoing, or have recently completed treatment. Veterans are also included in our free yoga programs to help alleviate symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder  and other trauma-related difficulties. 

    Please call our office 203-263-2254 or email wyogac@gmail.com so that you can begin experiencing the transformational benefits of yoga and meditation in your life.