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Discounts/Scholarships, Refunds/Credits, Extra Class Upgrades, Registration Options/Make-Ups & More


Who We Are:

We are a federally recognized non-profit educational institution under section 501 (c)(3) of federal statue, established in 1984. Our goal is to allow everybody, regardless of their financial resources, to access the healing and uplifting benefits of the ancient science of yoga, including meditation and other practices for body, mind and spirit.

We are here to serve you today, as a community, due to thousands of volunteer hours donated annually by board members, the director, and community members. Since the payments made to attend yoga classes and other events have not fully covered insurance, rental, teacher’s salaries, utility and building and ground maintenance for more than 10 years, the center’s expenses are subsidized through mostly small donations from many individuals. Your participation as a donor and/or volunteer, though never expected, is always welcome.

Over the years, we have done our best to design registration policies that are reasonably flexible and that maximize yoga class availability and fulfillment for students, while keeping expenses at a minimum for this non-profit, community-based organization.



We offer Discounts/Scholarships on an as-needed basis for veterans, cancer patients/survivors and their care-givers, and others in need of financial assistance. Just ask. Payment plans and partial volunteer exchange options are also on the table.



Once registered, kindly advise us immediately should circumstances change, rendering you unable to attend future classes. Your preferred option of credit or refund may be discussed. Refunds and credits are not available retroactively under any circumstances for classes not attended.


Extra Class Upgrades:

The upgrade classes are only available during the 8-week series for which the upgrade is purchased. They cannot be carried over into another session under any circumstances. Should extenuating abnormal circumstances occur, a pro-rated refund may be available.

The cost of the upgrade for either option below is in addition to the registration fee of either regular $135, or early registration $115 for the 8-week series.

With an Unlimited Open Pass Upgrade ($105), one is entitled to attend as many classes as one likes during the 8-week series for which the upgrade is purchased. Attending every class offered could bring the price per class to under $3. If no extra classes are attended, there is no refund or credit.

With a Single Extra Class Upgrade ($75), one is entitled to any 16 classes during the 8-week series for which the upgrade is purchased. Although generally each teacher consistently teaches at the same time each week, in the case of an instructor’s illness, injury, or vacation, WMYC cannot guarantee a specific teacher or a specific class every week or even every session.

This option is recommended for students who have time and instructor preference flexibility only, as the single class upgrade student must select from classes and instructors WMYC is able to make available within budget. No refund or credit is available if a student does not attend any or all of the extra classes for which the upgrade was purchased.


Regular Registration Options/Make-Ups

Generally, a student is encouraged to select the class s/he is most likely to attend regularly.  This insures that one’s first choice class will be available. There is no requirement to attend 1 class/week. Ultimately, one’s regular 8-week registration entitles one to attend any 8 classes within that 8-week session, allowing participants to miss classes for work travel, vacations, illness, family emergency, and still receive 8 classes during the 8 weeks.

The Yoga Sampler is a registration option as above, with no stated preference for which class you are most likely to attend.

In the case of a registrant not able to attend all 8 classes during the 8-week series, the missed, “make- up” classes may be “carried over” into the next 8-week session ONLY if the registrant registers for the full new 8-week session.



Let us know as soon as one arises, so we can together devise an optimal solution.


Who We Are Not:

We are not a corporation or profit driven business with unlimited funding, revenue, or state or federal assistance.